152 Church Street
Millbrook, N.Y. 12545

(845) 677-8166
Zagat Rated #1 French Bistro
in Dutchess and
Westchester Counties
Les Salades
8.00     Salade Verte  
             Mesclun salad, mustard dressing
13.00    Frisee Lardons et Oeuf Poche    
             Frisee salad with poached egg and bacon   

13.00   Salade d'Endives au roquefort et Noix
             Endive salad with rouquefort cheese and walnuts

13.50   Salade Frisee, Caille Griller et
             Saute Champignons
             Grilled boneless quail over frisee with
                sauteed mushrooms
11.00   Salade de Chevre Chaud  
             Warm goat cheese salad
17.00   Salade Nicoise au Thon Frais   
             Nicoise salad with grilled fresh Tuna   

14.00   Salade Les Baux
             Mesclun, hard-boiled egg, red pepper,
               tomato, ham, swiss sheese and french beans

14.00   Thon Poele et sa Vinaigrette Tiede
             Par-seared tuna with warm balsamic dressing
Les Sandwiches
13.00    Lambon - Beurre Cornichons
            Ham, butter, cornichons on baguette
13.00    Saucisson sec Beurre
            Dry sausage, butter, cornichons on baguette

14.00    Rillettes
            Rilletes pate, cornichons on baguette                                
13.00    Croque-Monsieur
            Warm ham and melted cheese on special bread
14.00    Croque-Madame
            Croque monsieur served with sunny side up egg                                
Les Classiques
9.00    Oeuf-dur Mayonaise
             Hard boiled egg, homemade mayonaise,
               mesclun salad

13.00   Escargot au Pernod
             Snails provencal, butter with pernod

16.00   L'assiette de Charcuterie
             Assortment of cold cuts and pate

15.50  L'assiette de Fromage
             Assortment of cheese with fruits
13.00   Les Moules Marinieres
             Steamed mussels

14.50   L'assiette de Saumon Fume
             Smoked salmon served with toasted onions and capers

11.00     Soupe Gratinee a L'Oignon
             Original french onion soup

            La Soupe du Jour
             Soup of the day
Les Plats
33.00   Le Steak Frites - beurre maitre d'hotel
                                    - sauce as poivre verts
             Grilled sirloin steak - butter maitre d'hotel or green peppercorn   
             sauce with french fries and mesclun salad     

24.00   Le Poulet Frites ou Puree de Pommes de Terre
             Grilled Chicken with french fries or mashed potatoes and mesclun    

35.00   Le Carre d'Agneau Gratin Dauphinois et Harictos Verts
             Rack of eight lamb chops with potato gratin and french beans

29.00   Magret de Canard Sauce Porto, Legumes
             Duck breast with port wine sauce, potato gratin and vegetable

24.00   Filet de Porc Sauce Moutarde de Dijon, Legumes
             Pork tenderloin, mustard sauce, vegetable and potato

15.00   Steak Hache sur Pain Special Avec ou Sans Bacon ou Fromage
             Burger on special bread with or without cheese or bacon, served with french fries and mesclun salad

28.00   Les Moules Frites
             Steamed mussels served with french fries

25.00   Le Filet de Saumon Sauce Moutarde Riz au Safran
             Salmon filet with mustard suace and saffron rice

28.00   Le Filet de Sole - meuniere  
                                     - amandine
                                     - grenobloise
             Filet of sole served meuniere (butter, parsley, lemon), almondine (roasted almonds), or grenobloise (capers), served
            with saffron rice and vegetable
Les Garnitures
5.00     Gratin Dauphinois
             Potato gratin

5.00     Frites
             French fries

5.00     Puree de Pommes de Terre
             Mashed potatoes


7.00   Haricots Verts
            French beans

5.50   Legumes
            Mixed vegetables